New Beginnings

A few weeks ago, I found a blog made by the Pelky Sisters. Their blog is about something called the 365-day writing challenge. As someone who is working on their own writing skills, I found this blog helpful and decided to try the challenge myself. Though I will not be following the exact 365-day rule, I will post a few writing excerpts that respond to some of these prompts. Some days, however, will just be short writing bits that I have written on impulse.

Thank you and enjoy!

September 25th, 2018: Write about a light shining in the darkness 

It’s funny how a certain feeling, moment, or word can change from being a solace to something hurtful.

Like how feeling the warm sand between your toes on a cool day at the beach can be comforting, but can also be painful if you had open skin, for the feeling of rough grains of sand grinding against the inside of a cut has never been comforting to anybody.

Visiting ‘Nowhere’ was a comfort. A small hill in the middle of a forest clearing that she and her brother had stumbled upon one day after biking home. It hadn’t been particularly hot that day, but it was hot enough for them to have sought out shelter from the suns rays from the green covered forest. After peering around and lugging their bikes for a while, they finally stumbled upon an open area in the leafy maze. It had no plant life, save for the soft grass, and an open sky. Though they quickly rushed back home after their discovery, she documented the clearing to her memory. She even tied a bright crimson string to one of the thousand branches of a nearby tree. After a lengthy discussion, she and her brother had decided to call their secret place, ‘Nowhere’.

She doesn’t remember how long after they had found Nowhere that it all went downhill, but they always say ‘Time flies by when you’re having fun’ so she supposed the number of days before her happiness ceased didn’t matter. As long as she had those few good memories, she could push herself to make it through another day.

At least that’s what she told herself.

It’s been a few years since she saw him last. Since she watched him walk away with a worn out brown suitcase and crimson string tied to the handle. She’d always known he was going to leave her eventually. Just as everything else in this world is temporary, he was also. That knowledge didn’t stop the hand with the vice like grip on her heart to squeeze any less, though. Thinking about him still brings a sad smile to her face.

Now that she’s here, standing in front of the forest that guards their safe place, she can’t seem to get rid of the sad smile overtaking her face.

It doesn’t look much different from the first time she was here. The tall and dark green trees look less intimidating and more like old friends with their red and brown leaves and her increased height. More colourful flowers scattered the area too. A mix of reds, oranges, and purples permeate the grassy floor. It makes stepping off the road and onto the dirt a little easier and the smile on her face grow a little wider.

She tugs on her bike and allows it to drag behind her while she walks, memories flowing through her head at every step she takes. The crunches of the leaves underneath her boots only increasing her mood. When she finally makes it far enough in, she lets her bike rest against one of the trees and watches as a leaf falls and lands on one of the petals. As if the old sycamore was assuring her that he will keep her bike safe. She lets out a small chuckle at the thought and continues on her way, bouncing and feeling lighter than she has in years.

She sees an opening ahead, where the trees end, and Nowhere begins. From here she can already see the grassy hill and open skyline.

She starts to run as fast as her legs can carry her, and she feels like a little kid again, running through the field with her worries left far behind her.

She passes the last bit of trees that surround the small little hill like a gateway and stops dead in her tracks. The grass has grown a little longer and almost hides her feet. She laughs and shuffles around a bit, watching the grass move around to accommodate her movement. When she looks up she sees a single crimson flower growing on the hill where she and her twin used to sit.

So struck with happiness and awe she does the only thing she can think of.

She runs to the top of Nowhere and laughs, because now she can finally let go.


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